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Our solutions have been crafted with more than twenty years’ experience in the People Management environment. Though these solutions can be used as stand-alone, we will determine your organisation’s needs and compile the best fit solution to ensure your organisation wellness.

Here’s how we can help you Craft your Employee Wellness…

Adaptive Organisational Design

We deem Organisational design to be a fluid process oriented towards achieving results based on current and future environmental, economic and global influences.

- Employer Branding Alignment
- Omega Wellness Tools
- Job Profiling
- Multi-cultural, Diversity & Inclusion
- Onboarding Facilitation

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Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition is an ongoing strategic process to find the correct brand of employees, experts, specialists, and leaders for the organisation.

- Recruitment 1.0
We refer to this as our standard, professional Recruitment Service, which is generally priced at a market-related rate based on the annual salary and includes an industry-standard guarantee period. At Omega, though, even what we refer to as "standard" remains top quality recruitment processes, screening, and shortlisting Matching Candidates and Clients correctively using most relevant and applicable up to date Recruitment Skills, Don't just take our word for it, see for yourself, scroll down for "Candidate Experiences" in recent times
- Recruitment 2.0
Recruitment 2.0 is our one step above the standard recruitment process as it includes two essential and often undervalued Recruitment Tools that make the employer/employee matching process so much more successful
- Omega Wellness Tools (Matching talent with your organisation values)
- Omega In-Place, local and International sourcing of Critical Skills, Specialised staff, Gig Work (temp, contract and freelance) in the "World of Work." (We manage all contractual obligations)
- Local and International sourcing of Critical Skills, Specialised staff, Permanent & Gig Work (temp, contract and freelance) in the "World of Work" (We manage contractual obligations)

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Best Practice & Legal People Compliance

When best practices are implemented, Legal Compliance should follow as a result thereof, let us craft best practices that will allow you to ensure legal/statutory compliance.

- Employment Equity Reporting
- Workplace Skills Plans and Annual Training Reports
- COVID 19 Compliance
- POPI Act Compliance
- Legal Compliance
- Policies and Procedures

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Holistic and Inclusive Occupational Well-being & Design

Occupational well-being involves achieving a healthy work-life balance, managing workplace requirements, and stress management. Work/life balance breeds and supports healthy Employees and Organisations. It builds relationships amongst management and co-workers.

- Workplace Stress Management & Emotional support and Well-being strategies
- Flexible Engagement Methods
- Management Engagement Models (MEM)
- Commuting Strategies
- Ergonomics in the working and home environment
- Work From Home Etiquette
- Economic/Financial coaching

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Relationship Engagement Management

Relationship Engagement Management is a strategic process in which organisations manage and increase interaction in the workplace by focusing on continuous engagement between the employee, colleagues, stakeholders, and formal representative bodies (Unions).

- Relationship Engagement
- Formal Representation Relationship Engagement
- Legal Compliance including Policies And Procedures
- Contribution Improvement Counselling (Performance Management)
- Corrective Disciplinary Measures(Progressive Disciplinary Action)
- Grievance Facilitation
- CCMA/Bargaining Council

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Onboarding Facilitation

The sooner your new hire is fully consumed in your business and made part of the culture of your organisation, the sooner the new hire will be productive and operational. Our customised Onboarding will guide you to facilitate this crucial part of the recruitment process. Let us assist you in the best People Experience Onboarding strategies.

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Omega In-Place

Omega In-Place We are fully aware that the world of work is changing and becoming more prone to "Gig Work" We are capable of hiring, deploying, and managing all Temporary Employment Service Personnel to meet your project-based work. We have an extensive, active database of pre-screened and validated candidates across several areas of expertise to take on any project challenge.

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“Great vision without great people is irrelevant.” – Jim Collins

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Crafting Employee Wellness

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