Omega People Solutions have well-crafted tools to assist in crafting employee and employer wellness within your organisation. Our tools focus on ensuring that you employ the best candidate for the role available. Let us tell you how…

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What sets us apart from our competitors?

Our toolkits we use to craft your employee wellness…

Our Toolkits

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In the words of Wallace D Wattles, it is essential to have good tools, but it is also essential that the tools be used in the right way.

Our toolkits will allow you to make the right decision when acquiring new people for your organisation as well as to ensure that they remain engaged throughout their time with you. Learn more about our toolkits that can add enormous value to your organisation.

Omega Wellness Gauge

This tool has been designed by a registered Psychometrist and complies fully with all the legal requirements associated with Psychometric Testing. The assessment will allow you to assess your existing staff regarding their overall wellness currently in your organisation.

- Engagement (engagement, basic needs, individual, teamwork, growth)
- Wellness (Positive emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Accomplishment, Health)
- Resilience / Character Strengths

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Omega Wellness Wizard

This tool is used in our Recruitment 2.0 methodology to determine the best fit for the company and the department for which a new employee is hired. We can test and match Resilience and Character strengths which can then be compared to existing team members to establish the level of "cultural team fit."

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Approximately 70%

of organisations need to rework their employee wellness! So let’s start to craft your employee wellness today…

Our tools are based on legally compliant methodology and must be used as part of the holistic process and should thus not be seen or used in isolation.

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