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Company Culture – to do or not to do?

How often have you visited an organisation and left thinking something is missing or wrong, but you can’t put your finger on it?

The vision and mission statements in the building just do not tie up to your experience of what is happening within the company.

The organisation is a well-known or respected brand, yet they have a high staff turnover.

Taking on these challenges, engaging staff, and making changes is what climate surveys aim to achieve.

A climate survey index is a barometer of staff engagement (positive vibe ) vs disengagement (negative vibe ) in any business.

It comes down to the leadership’s willingness to take what their staff and clients are saying about their company. This requires an open and honest look at the DNA of an organisation using sophisticated methods to extract what makes this company/brand successful…or not.

We know that an engaged and motivated workforce improves productivity, which impacts the bottom line, creates more significant levels of innovation and creativity, teamwork, and reduces staff turnover, making the work environment a great place to be!

The question is, is the leadership prepared to action the necessary changes and ensure those changes are sustainable even in the face of adversity and resistance by their own peers?

 The real challenge for any Leader is to remain focused even when some high flyers in the business resist change. It’s in times like these that HR needs to remind senior management that no employee or individual is greater than that of the goals and culture of the team or the organisation.

The world of work has also forever changed, and that has brought with it some weighty introspection as to the way people work and perceive their employers, which we suspect will directly impact any organisations ability to retain critical skills.

Its not about staff just continuing to work from home but rather which jobs and employees are best suited to now work in a hybrid environment. Employers need to think about how they still foster teamwork with staff working from anywhere and ensure their brand remains intact.   

Some of the options businesses have ranged from how talent is sourced, assessing the compatibility of candidates to business, onboarding talent into the culture or “the way we work around here”, defining work profiles and processes, alignment of job profiles to the new world of work and even ensuring the organisation’s people risks are taken care of.

The world of business and work is once again reminded that if businesses want to not only survive but thrive, there will need to be a much stronger focus and understanding of what constitutes the employer and employees’ overall wellness and what that means for each companies culture. 

Omega People Solutions have highly-trained specialists that focus on staff engagement studies, dealing with change, diversity & inclusion, and thus the overall wellness of not only the business but its people.

After a climate survey is concluded in the organization, the Leadership team is given a full report with recommendations of how and when to address the gaps and ongoing support from Omega in ensuring the changes implemented remain sustainable. How can you not afford to do a climate survey in your organisation?

Article by: Andre Willemse

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